ISO 27001 certification minimizes the risk of cyber-attacks

The ISO 27001 information security management system provides your organisation with a framework for improving and managing your valuable data.


Cybercrime is a growing problem and will continue to put organisations at risk of a security breach. This could have devastating consequences for employees, customers and business partners.

Many organisations are ISO 9001 certified and see this standard as a basic requirement for doing business and meeting customer expectations for quality and management. Far fewer companies have achieved certification to ISO 27001; however, a data security breach could potentially be just as harmful to your profits and reputation as the quality failure of a product.

Customers expect their data to be protected and if their details get into the hands of cyber criminals, the ensuing adverse publicity and damage caused to reputation, not to mention the cost of fixing the problem, makes the argument for prevention an obvious choice.

One of the latest widely reported breaches involved the Marriott hotel chain. Despite having cybersecurity insurance, the cost is still expected to run into millions over the coming years.
The introduction of GDPR also took data protection to a new level, requiring organisations to comply with the regulations or face large fines.

ISO 27001 provides the framework to mitigate the risks and meet the requirements of the latest regulations.

ISO 27001 benefits

Certification to ISO 27001 which has been audited by a 3rd party such as a UKAS accredited Certification Body will provide the reassurance that the management framework and information protection system you have adopted is robust and regularly audited.

This demonstrates to customers your commitment to maintaining an effective system of controls and organisational processes that will keep their data safe.

It will meet regulatory requirements that may be needed by your own industry and any wider obligations such as GDPR.

ISO 27001 certification will also give you a competitive advantage when you are tendering for new contracts, especially if your competitors do not have such a framework in place.

Why ISO 27001 is needed in your organisation

If your organisation relies heavily on data, you have sensitive data that could be used by cyber criminals, your competitors have ISO 27001 or similar or your sector is highly regulated, you will have to gain some form of information security certification.

If you are going to go through the process of certification, it makes sense to go to the next step and have your information security system audited by a UKAS registered Certification Body. This will provide an independent and impartial assessment of your framework and processes.

UKAS accreditation has international recognition and will ensure your certification is given maximum credibility when it is issued. Certification bodies accredited by UKAS will have been assessed to provide the competence and impartiality required to provide you with a robust framework for now and into the future.

You can find out more about what UKAS accreditation means for your organisation on their website

Alternatively, contact one of our fully qualified lead auditors for more information.

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